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Our specialists are ready to help you become a Transimeksa subcontractor.

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Subcontracting with Transimeksa provides a great business expansion opportunity. We are one of the largest transport companies in Lithuania and have been operating for 29 years. Currently, we are rapidly expanding activities in Europe and CIS countries and looking for reliable, long-term business partners for transportation services.

For Carriers we offer:

  • FTL or LTL cargo without palette change
  • Optimal monthly mileage
  • All driven kilometres paid
  • Covered costs for tunnels, transit through CH, transit declarations, bridges, trains and ferries
  • Routes calculated by PTV Map&Guide planner
  • Flexible payment system
  • Document collection points for faster payment
  • Discounts for fuel, road fees, etc.
  • Leased semi-trailers with cargo fixing equipment, as needed
  • Communication in LV, RU, EN languages and 24/7 help on the road

We need:

  • Standard trucks (Euro V/ Euro VI)
  • Semitrailers 13.6 m, min 2.7 m height, 33 places for pallets and able to carry up to 25 t
  • Valid CMR insurance
  • EU licence that allows carrying cargo
  • Cargo fixing equipment in semitrailers: min 20 belts, 40 corners and 30m non-slip mats
  • Vehicle real-time surveillance (Telematics and GPS navigation system)
  • Personal protection measures (PPM) for drivers

In order to receive more information about becoming a subcontractor, please contact our specialists.

General conditions for carriers (pdf)