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Logistics services for Food, Beverage and Tobacco products

Our Vilnius logistics centre warehouses are compliant with State hygiene standards and capable of storing pre-packed food products, including those that require temperature control.

The customs bonded, excise & tax warehouse area is suitable for:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Standard tobacco products
  • Heated tobacco products
  • E-cigarette liquid
  • Energy products

Our warehouses offer the following advantages: no duty payment, no VAT payment, long-term storage, secure areas for restricted goods, supply guarantee, safety of goods, customs documentation, and inbound/outbound transports.

Other warehouse services include:

  • Long-term, short-term, and cross-docking
  • Unloading, reception, sorting, and weighing of goods
  • Marking, packaging, and preparing goods for transportation
  • Managing collection and preparation of orders
  • Application of strip stamps, labels, and stickers
  • Control and management of stock
  • Tracking goods’ shipments and expiration dates (FIFO and FEFO control methods)
  • Preparation of invoices and documents of cargo transportation
  • Monitoring of movement of goods and consignments
  • Milk run services, e-sale services