Social Initiative – “To be seen – to be safe”


road safety

There is “ROADPOL Safety Days” social initiative going on in Europe every September 16th-22nd annually.

In Lithuania, there had been no recorded road accidents that cost lives on the road during these days from 2016.

We have celebrated these days in educational events – „To be seen – to be safe“ in Marijampole, Alytus, and Lazdijai.




Event facts:

  • Thousands of reflectors have been handed out;
  • 3 safety lessons have been conducted;
  • Participants had a chance to test out all-terrain vehicles (ATV‘s), motorcycles, and cars of the Lithuanian Police Department;
  • In addition the driver seat of a long haul truck has been tested as well;
  • 3 Lessons have been learned on truck blind zones and how to act in order to be on the safe side;
  • 50 true answers in „Mindfight“ on the safety on the road topics;
  • The biggest achievement – hundreds of smiles by our little ones.

    We are grateful to:

  • Main partner – Lithuanian Police Department;
  • Informational partner radio station FM99;
  • Prize sponsors: chocolates and sweets – „AB Vilniaus Pergalė“; mineral water – „Akvilė“; business gift producers – „Stampline“.

Safe behavior on the road is one of the top priorities of social responsibilities of TRANSIMEKSA.